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Rules & FAQ - UPDATED!

• Rules •

1) Be polite to everyone around you. Competition is good but please no bashing of mods or other teams or their members. We appreciate that everyone has an opinion here, but we want to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience! If you encounter any members not following this rule, please PM me.

2) Do not bash ships or characters. You will receive one warning and if the behavior doesn't stop, you will be banned.

3) Participate at least once every two weeks. This isn't to exclude busy people - the main focus of this rule is to make sure that teams remain even every single phase to give each team a chance to win. Please notify us at the Page-A-Mod post if you cannot stay due to personal things, and you can be marked on hiatus or you can leave the comm completely.

4) Follow instructions on posts. Ask any questions if you have them, but the guidelines are there for a reason - to make it easier for all to understand, and to keep a uniform format!

5) Spoilers must be warned. To give our overseas friends plenty of time to see them, our spoiler policy is now two weeks. If an episode has aired within two weeks, please place it behind a LiveJournal cut and warn outside of the cut which episodes are featured in your post.

6) All submissions should be at a PG-13 rating or lower, unless you place the content behind a cut and warn for a higher rating. Anything used for voting must not go over PG-13 no matter what.

7) All content for Gleek Land should be created new; please don't use previously created icons, graphics, fics, etc.

• FAQ •

• What is Gleek Land?
We're inspired after land comms like fandomverse, tvrealm, gleeverse and many others. We have three teams (Acapella, Broadway, and Mashup) and everyone participates in various challenges like games, graphics, fanfic, and other assorted activities. Users earn points that are accumulated with their team to see which team, at the end of a three month phase, WINS!

• I joined, now what?
Accept your invitations to the four communities: Gleek Land, your team community, The Lima Bean Cafe (our social community) and The Gleebook (our profiles and stamping community).

• How do I participate?
Follow instructions at all invitational posts. Unless otherwise stated, submit your entry to your team thread. Please enter at least once every two weeks if you want to remain in the community.

• What do I do if I have questions?
If your question is a general question, please direct it here, to the Page-A-Mod post, which can also be found in the links list on the main Gleek Land community page. If it is a question regarding a specific invitational, ask your question in the questions thread provided on the post.

• I'm not the best at something, does that matter?
Not at all! Participation is what earns you points! We will occasionally have voting on challenges but if you're not comfortable with that, you always have the option of letting us know you would like your entry to be withheld from voting. Just communicate with us!

• How do points and badges work?
Points will accumulate throughout the phase by members earning points for their team. Individually, members earn points and as they do so, they move up in rank. Ranks are as follows:
0-199 points - Freshman
200-399 points - Sophomore
400-599 points - Junior
600+ points - Senior

It is definitely possible to earn far more than the senior level points, so all levels are attainable if you try! Levels will earn you perks along the way - watch challenge posts for more information. Badges are also attainable, but at a "price." Some require extra work - and earn you bonus points - and others are earned simply by doing something around the comm, or for belonging to a certain team. Look for more details on those soon.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them at this post! All comments are screened.
Last Updated: 4/11/13
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Phase Two Starting Soon!

Hello everyone!
First off, to introduce myself, I'm Tiffany and I'm taking over as the new mod. I'm sure we'll all miss Kristy, but I promise to do my best to fill her shoes!

Just an announcement about phase two:
I'm just putting the finishing touches on everything as I take over, and decided on a start date!

Phase two will begin on
EDIT: Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Also, I'd appreciate if you could comment in your team's thread on this post, just with a hello or an 'I'm here!' so I know that you're still around for phase two. I want to make sure teams are still about even :) Thanks!
Happy Rachel

First round starting soon

Start gearing up everybody, the first round will be starting shortly.

You will receive your first challenge on Monday the 14th of May.

Please make sure that before then, you have accepted all invites.
You should have three. One for gleek_land one for lima_bean_cafe and one for your team.

If you are missing any of these or are unsure, please let us know and we can sort it out for you.

Thank you and good luck!
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Welcome to Land of the Gleeks

Hello to all potential members.

This is a new comm for Glee fans alike.

This is a land comm specialising in the crazy awesomeness that is Glee.

Not sure what a land comm is?
A land comm is a place where like minded individuals come together with their love and passion for a show/movie/book/whatever and join a team.
Once in that team they are given challenges to complete for points.
These challenges can include writing, graphics, puzzles, trivia etc. pretty much anything goes.
The team at the end of the current challenge is deemed the winner.
Not only are these people your team mates, they are your friends, your new family. It's all about the love people.

What teams are available?
There will be three main teams in this community

Team Acapella
Team Broadway
Team Mash Up

Sign up here

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